Apraava Energy builds water security for 15 drought-prone villages around Khandke in Ahmednagar

30 Nov 2022

Ahmednagar, November 30, 2022: ApraavaEnergy, a diversified provider of low-carbon energy in India, hasbuilt and repaired 260 watershed structures in villages around Khandke as part of its water security initiative. The project in its sixth yearis undertaken in partnership with the Watershed Organization Trust (WOTR). Ithas provided much-needed relief to the 15 drought-prone villages by increasing the availabilityand storage of water.

A baseline assessment conducted in 2016 showed that these regions record low rainfall and high water runoff. There was no proper irrigation or water storage facility which adversely impacted agriculture, livelihoods and quality of living.

The initiative created an additional water storage capacity of 198.6 thousand cubic meters, in a single filling. It has eliminated the requirement forwater tankers inthe last two years. The groundwater levels have increased as evidencedbythe five years well inventory records collected on a monthly basis from 17 wells.As there has been a reduction in the drudgeryof fetching water from far places, women in the area now have more quality time available for their development and meaningful work.Crop yields have increased due to a better soil ecosystem and the availability of water for irrigation.

Commenting on the success of the initiative, Mr Abhay Potdar, Senior Vice-president -Renewables, Apraava Energy, said, “As a responsible company, we have been undertaking several initiatives in areas around our operations to ensure that the villages achieve water security and don’t suffer the effects of a drought. We have been investing in this intervention for the last six years and we are delighted with the results so far.The villages were missing out on one of the most fundamental enablers of development. Now the villagers can keep their water woes aside and focus on their overall development through social and economic opportunities. I’d like to express heartfelt gratitude to our partner WOTR along with the Gram Panchayats and the women SHG groups for their constant support for all these years and for implementing this project seamlessly.”

Apraava is working closely with all the stakeholders and hasavailed benefits of the government schemes to make the project financially, socially and environmentally sustainable.Apraava Energy and WOTR aim to complete the remaining parts of this project by March 2023.

Apraava Energy won the CII National Water Awards 2022 for building water security in Khandke.


About Apraava Energy

Apraava Energy is a diversified power company, jointly owned by the CLP Group –one of the largest investor-owned power businesses in Asia –and Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ) –a global investment group. Founded in 2002, Apraava Energy has evolved from being a single-asset company to a forward-looking, climate-conscious organization. Its diverse portfolio comprises 3,150 MW of installed capacity which includes 924 MW of wind and 250 MW of solar energy projects across seven states, as well astwopower transmission assets.

Going ahead, the Mumbai-based company will only invest in low-carbon growth areas, including renewable energy, power transmission and distribution, as well as other non-generation, customer-focused energy businesses.

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