Powering every second farmer in Haryana responsibly

Apraava Energy is committed to creating an ecologically sustained environment. In our continuous endeavor to ensure that, our thermal power plant Jhajjar Power Limited (JPL), is the first and only plant in the capital city of India that has installed Flue Gas Desulphurisation (FGD) technology. The sole objective of the technology is to reduce air pollution and contribute to a healthy environment around the plant and nearby regions.

Our JPL site is an example of the organization’s evolving vision for adopting cleaner technology and making a positive impact on people living around the plant. With rising air pollution, the environmental ministry had made it compulsory for every thermal power plant to adopt FGD. However, Apraava Energy had the foresight to install FGD during the construction of the plant in 2012, even before these regulations were mandated. Equipped with FGD, JPL has managed to reduce its SO2 emission by ~85%.

Being one of the leading producers of clean energy in India, Apraava Energy has undertaken several measures to protect biodiversity. In addition to FGD, JPL has employed hybrid technology (electrostatic precipitator and fabric filter) that enables control of particulate emissions, low NOx burners, and Secondary Over Fire Air systems for NOx reduction. JPL is a ‘zero liquid discharge’ plant and the wastewater it generates is treated and reused within the plant premises for dust suppression, horticulture, cleaning and other suitable purposes. JPL has grown more than 350,000 trees in the plant premises, which act as a secondary barrier to fugitive dust emissions.

The JPL site has been instrumental in bringing about a change in the livelihood of the people. It has led to increased employment opportunities, and today, almost every second farmer in Haryana is empowered by electricity generated by JPL. Moreover, Apraava Energy has collaborated with Humana People to People India, a not-for-profit, for a 3-year project aimed at empowering 3,000 women by creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem. With an equitable focus on biodiversity, protection and conservation of the environment, Apraava Energy is focused on building a green future.

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