Wind Energy

Wind Energy has experienced steady growth in India for more than three decades. The country is encouraging private sector investment in wind power projects by providing various fiscal and financial incentives. Apraava Energy is one of the largest investors in India’s wind power sector, with projects in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu.  

Wind projects


Total gross capacity

924 MW

Households electrified

~14L p.a.

Wind Energy projects

Apraava Energy is keenly looking at both brownfield and greenfield opportunities to expand its wind energy portfolio.

Capacity Growth

We are one of the first companies to take advantage of India’s open market for wind energy and have been consistently investing in wind energy projects since 2009, racking up a 1750% growth in production capacity over the past decade.



  • World Institute of Sustainable Energy’s (WISE) Award for Best Wind Power Independent Power Producers- 1st Awards for Best Wind Power Independent Power Producers- 1st Awards

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