Health & Safety

Apraava Energy recognise that safety, health, security and well-being of its employees, contractors and relevant stakeholders’ is an important driver for business success and ensuring that it continues to remain an integral part of its work culture, takes precedence in all our business decisions and aligns with its core values.

Apraava Energy firmly believes that all injuries are preventable. Our vision is Zero injury, Zero occupational ill health, credible security to people & assets and minimal impact to the Environment in which we operate.

The Company has a robust Health, Safety, Security & Environment (HSSE) Policy & management system that is applicable to all employees, contractors and relevant stakeholders’ of the organisation. Delivering excellent HSSE outcomes is a shared responsibility, including employees, contractors, and management and each of us have a duty to intervene to prevent at-risk behaviours and reinforce safe behaviours.

In pursuit of the safety and well-being of employees and workers, Apraava Energy strives to:

  • Identify all HSSE risks/opportunities associated with business activities and manage them through appropriate control measures by applying systematic risk identification and hierarchy of controls to bring them to a level known as ‘As Low as Reasonably Practicable’ (ALARP)
  • Focus on potential Serious Injuries & Fatalities (SIF) risk exposure and eliminate/reduce them
  • Consult and seek participation of workers’ on HSSE risks and opportunities to improve its safety performance
  • Support employees in returning to work following illness or injury
  • Develop a proactive and interdependent HSSE culture through systems, procedures, and practices
  • Provide direction, education, training, and supervision to ensure that all employees and contractors understand HSSE expectations and consequences of non-compliance

Ensure that our HSSE management systems reflect best industry practices, are properly resourced and good HSSE performance is a pre-requisite for career advancement.

  • Implement security measures to prevent loss by protecting personnel, information, and assets and to ensure business continuity and productivity
  • Promote activities of wellness, psychological health, social development and environmental care for employees, contractors, and neighbouring community through timely interventions

Require visible leadership with clear accountabilities and responsibilities for HSSE performance at all levels of the organisation to encourage proactive participation in achieving our HSSE objectives and recognise exemplary behaviours.

Comply with the applicable HSSE legal & other requirements, maintain transparency and drive the vision of Zero Harm and continual improvement by setting expectations, risk based & measurable objectives and targets by monitoring, auditing & reviewing HSSE performance to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our HSSE Management System.

Apraava Energy aims for excellence in HSSE performance and believes that this is key to remaining a competitive & sustainable business enterprise.

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